We are the ‘go to’ place for towbar fitting in Plymouth. Ideally located at Faraday Mill, we have a large tow bar fitting centre and our staff are incredibly experienced when it comes to towbar fitting.

Towbar Fitting Plymouth

Our dedicated towbar fitting team have many years of experience between them and they have developed very strict procedures when fitting towbars. Our tow bar fitting bay is routinely examined by our head fitter as is our towbar fitting procedure. This gives our customers peace of mind that their towbar will be fitted correctly and that all aspects are 1st class.

Every tow bar fitting we carry out in Plymouth carriers a guarantee and we offer a free yearly service of the towbar (the first one’s free).

Why We Don’t Offer Mobile Towbar Fitting

Over the years, we’ve been asked why don’t we offer a mobile towbar fitting service in Devon and Cornwall. After much deliberation, our towbar fitters have concluded that attempting to fit a towbar to a vehicle by the side of the road is asking for trouble. Weather can play a huge part in how safe it is to carry our mobile towbar fitting. If it’s chucking it down with rain, our fitters would not want to have your vehicle disassembled with electrics open to the elements. The implications can be huge.

We are 100% commited that taking your tow bar to a fitting centre is the right way to go. We have a ramp, a huge amount of tools and diagnostics equipment in our fitting centre but above all it’s not exposed to the elements. We understand that not everyone can drop their car off to us during the week and that’s why we also offer towbar fitting on weekends.