Parking Sensors

Quality Parking Sensors Fitted in our clean and modern workshop in Plymouth.

steelmate-logo  When only the best will do,

With the ever increasing shortage of parking spaces in our city, parking becomes a bigger challenge and parking sensors become more relied upon. Have a set of parking sensors fitted and you will be confidently parking your car in the smallest of parking space. There are several options of parking sensors to choose from. The most popular type of parking sensor are audible sensors which emit an audible beep which will beep faster the closer you get to an object. You can get parking sensors which even have a camera system fitted to your bumper so you get a full view of the objects behind your car.

Give us a call on 01752 22465 and discuss what options are available,

There are wireless parking sensors available but the best results will always come from hard wired sensors fitted correctly, the price of parking sensors vary hugely as does the quality so if we are going to cut 4 holes in your bumper we will only install Steelmate sensors simple based on their quality.

Steelmate parking sensors are probably the most expensive of parking sensors and are equally the best and most reliable which is why they are our choice, yes you will get fitting quotes cheaper but its not the same product. Steelmate pride themselves on the quality of their parking sensors and they offer a lifetime warranty on their high end parking sensor systems (please contact us for details). The Steelmate parking sensors range is huge,they will produce a parking sensor system for all applications which sets them apart from the competition.

Please don’t ask us to fit parking sensors purchased online for £29.99, they wont work and wont last.